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Information on prices and payment

Each price is listed including VAT 25 %, drinks VAT 12 % in the EU.
For countries not in the European Union, prices are shown without VAT, provided you have chosen the right country for your user.
In the shopping cart you can see the total price including all charges - sales tax, shipping and billing fee.
Payment terms are specified in the cart depending on the selected payment option.

Also the shipping cost is specified in the shopping cart depending on where you live and the volume of your order.
To see exact shipping cost, you can add the desired product in to the shopping cart and state where you live.
More info about delivery can be found further down under "Deliveries, Delivery times & Transport damages"

Note If you are under 18 you must have a parental permission to order from us.

MonkeySports EU includes everything stated by the information and the price in the following domains and categories.

Regret, Return & Exchange of purchase

As a customer you always have 60 days return and exchange right from your receipt of the order via our online store

If you regret your purchase you have 14 days to contact us from when you received your order.
You can unpack and try the product in a safe environment without damaging it and still have the right to return it.
Remember that you must always save the original packaging and receipt.
* Sale items will not be changed if you bought the product it in our physical store

Remember you have 14 days to notify us if you regret your purchase.
We will refund you the full amount of the purchase amount within 30 days from the moment we receive the returned goods.
*If you have purchased an sale item in our superstore, refund or exchange is not possible

If you want to cancel your purchase, please contact Customer Service for help with returning the item and get your money back .
However, you are always obliged to pay for the return cost when invoking the right of return.
(Original shipping will be refunded, provided that the message has reached us within 14 days)

NOTE Do you regret your purchase after 14 days, it becomes the “60 day return & exchange”.
This means that you have to take all the charges for both return and the original shipment.
With the return refers to all types of return freight - to us and additional freight to you.

The Return, Exchange and Cancellation rights will expire if the product is: used, in any way damaged, or discolored.
Similarly if the product has been sprayed, heated, polished or in any way changed from its original state.

Payment Options

 Your credit card details and personal information is secure!

According to the data provided by MonkeySports EU about its policies, procedures and technical systems that store and / or transmit cardholder data, MonkeySports EU has performed the required procedures to validate compliance with the PCI DSS.

Shop safely with no extra fees!

When you make a purchase via Payment by DIBS there are no additional fees than what is presented at billing time.
When the order is approved the money will be reserved on your card and once we have sent your order we will charge you the reserved amount.
In case of repayment or cancellation of the reservation, you can expect it to take 2-3 business days before you see the money in your account.

Buy now, pay after delivery!

At Buy via Klarna Invoice there is an invoicing fee of 49 SEK, you can also choose to split your payment.
Minimum Purchase is 250 SEK incl. VAT, plus shipping.
(In case of non-payment there will be a reminder fee of 60 SEK and interest of 25%)

You can at any time download your bill here. 

Pay from 50 SEK per month!

At Buy via Klarna Account there will be an administration fee of 29 SEK for each invoice.
You choose your pace of payment, Fixed or Flexible Per 3, 6 or 12 months at 0 % interest or 24 months at 9.95 % per annum.
(Setup fee per three months 95 SEK, 6 month 195 SEK, 12 months 295 SEK. If your purchase exceeds 10.000 SEK, there will be no setup fee)

You can at any time pay the whole amount.
Minimum Purchase is 1000 SEK incl. VAT, plus shipping.

If you have shopped via Klarna Account in other stores, it will be added to your existing Klarna Account
That means a single invoice for all your purchases via Klarna .
Klarna's general conditions in Swedish can be found here.

Klarna's general conditions in Finnish can be found here.

At the time of purchase, a credit check is made, which in some cases means that a credit is taken.
You will then receive a copy of the credit report by mail.

More info about Klarna can be found at:

Nederländska                     (Not available yet, but soon!)
Tyska                                   (Not available yet, but soon!) 

Deliveries, Delivery Times and Transport Damage

The delivery time is stated in the shopping cart for each shipping method. If we have the product in stock, it takes approximately two (2) business days within Sweden.
If a product has a different deadline, you will be notified of this by our customer service, who then informs you of possible options.
To contact customer service:

Delivery Info, Swedish customers
Delivery time in Sweden may vary. If you live in the northern parts of Sweden, it can take up to 3 business days for delivery.
Delivery time to the Eastern, Western and Southern parts of Sweden usually takes 1-2 business days.
(The delivery time means the time it takes for the order to be transported from our store to the customer)

When your order is complete you will be notified by e-mail, containing the delivery confirmation and tracking ID (Parcel ID).
Your parcel will be traceable throughout the evening on the day that UPS has registered the shipment.
(This is usually done by KL 19:00 the day that your order has left us)

UPS Delivery Info

* If you are unable to receive your package you will be notified by UPS through a notice on the door.
The patch will tell you that they tried to deliver during the day, but will try again the next working day.

* It's fine to notify UPS about changes in shipping address, ex. To have it sent to your work address or a neighbor. (This is free)

* Important for those who have ordered with Klarna payment method is that you need to have your ID at hand, this is to ensure that the right person is receiving the parcel.

Telephone number of the UPS Customer Service: +46 (0) 77 662 2077
Track your shipment here:

Scandinavia (European Union)
Denmark, Finland (Not Åland)

Shipping method: UPS Standard - Delivered to your home or workplace - Not PO Box address
Delivery time is 1-3 working days (Assuming we have the product in stock)
Shipping costs from 100 SEK to 220 SEK (Price incl. VAT)
Free shipping is offered for orders where the amount exceeds 6.000 SEK (Amount incl. VAT)

Countries in the European Union (EU)
Belgium, Germany, Great Britain , Luxembourg, Netherlands , France, Ireland , Bulgaria , Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania,
Latvia , Poland, Romania , Austria, Spain , Greece, Hungary , Italy, Monaco, Slovenia , Slovakia, Portugal, Croatia

Shipping method: UPS Standard - Delivered to your home or workplace - Not PO Box address
Delivery time is 2-4 working days ( Assuming that we have the product in stock )
Shipping costs from 147 SEK to 499 SEK ( Price incl. VAT )
Free shipping is offered for orders where the amount exceeds 6.000 SEK ( Amount incl. VAT)

European countries outside the European Union (EU)
Norway, Switzerland and Åland

Shipping method: UPS Standard - Delivered to your home or workplace - Not PO Box address
Delivery time 2-4 working days ( Assuming that we have the product in stock )
Shipping costs from 127 SEK to 399 SEK (Price excluding VAT )
Free shipping is offered for orders where the amount exceeds 4.800 SEK ( Amount excl. VAT)

The rest of the World
Canada, USA, United Arab Emirates , China, Hong Kong, Japan , India, Russia , Belarus,
Kazakhstan , New Zealand, Korea, Israel , Turkey, Australia, South Africa
Shipping method: UPS Expedited - Delivered to your home or workplace - Not PO Box address
Delivery time 3-5 working days (Assuming we have the product in stock )
Shipping costs from 213 SEK to 1740 SEK (Price excluding VAT )
No free shipping is offered

Can’t you see your country here? Contact our customer service at

Place your order by December 17th to receive it in time for Christmas (Europe only), delay may occur if the the product is out of stock.

Transport damage
If you upon receipt of your package has a visible injury that may have affected the condition of the item you ordered, you should inform this to the UPS bid.
Receive the package, and then contact us as soon as possible.
Has the damage been caused through delivery of the product you have ordered, we will of course arrange a solution.

In case of damage, contact customer service: (Take a picture of the package if you email us)

Return, Modification and Cancellation
You can return your purchase within 60 days of receipt. Please completely fill the return form, enclose it with the merchandise you wish to return.
Please note! You may not use, wash or make changes to an item that is returned. Shoes, skates, helmets etc. must be returned in their original packaging in original condition. Do not use product packaging as your shipping box.
In case of damage to the original packaging has occurred or if you typed or attached anything directly on it, MonkeySports EU has the right to refuse the shipment or charge the customer a fee of 150 SEK.
(The original packaging comes from respective manufacturers and it's a created product box for a specific product, often marked with their logo)

You, the customer, always have the option to change or cancel your order, provided it has not yet been sent.
In order to have enough time to modify or cancel your order, you need to contact us before 12.00 on weekdays.
If the change would get to us too late and the order has already been shipped, you will need to return the product / order to us.
You can always buy a UPS shipping label from us at a reasonable price.
If any changes are made which result in higher cost, the customer must pay the difference.
Similarly, if changes in the order results in lower costs, we will refund the difference.
Keep in mind that repayment will take about 2-4 business days before you see the money in your account.

Warranty and Returns

Guarantees provided in accordance with the Consumer.

When you shop with MonkeySports EU you always have a limited warranty time on the goods that you purchase.
This warranty time is determined by their manufacturer and it can differ in time from product to product.
A warranty period means that MonkeySports EU by the respective manufacturer is responsible for a product to keep the deadline. During the warranty period, the seller must first repair the goods.
When the warranty has expired, you must be able to prove that the defect existed from the very beginning.
Remember to always have a receipt left or an excerpt from your bank account when you come back with a defective product.
Contact our customer service if you have any questions regarding the warranty:

The warranty applies only to damage which may be due to defects in material or workmanship.
So the warranty is not valid for damage and errors that occurred because of external damage or abnormal usage.

Info about composite sticks:
An example of external influences in hockey is that a stick gets a slash, a shot or a skate tramp that damages the stick.
These types of abuse are not a warranty, nor a basis for complaining.
The right to complain also ends if the stick is sprayed or in any way colored / painted.
See further down for info about warranty on a composite stick.

A complaint means that you notify MonkeySports EU that you do not accept the goods, or that you think it is defective goods. You must file a notice of the defect within a reasonable time.
(Two months should always be considered as a reasonable time)
Contact Customer Service to complain:

Your right to complain under the Consumer goes out three (3) years after you bought / received the goods.

Additional information about complaints regarding composite sticks:
A hockey stick has a warranty time of 30 days, so the customer shall have a safety against manufacturing defects.
Guarantee or warranty does not apply when external damage is the basis for the injury.
A hockey stick is a product that is created with advanced technology and of a brittle material to make you a better hockey player.
A hockey stick will be used to pass, shoot and check a puck.
For us to be able to handle a warranty and complaint for composite sticks, the serial number on the stick needs to remain.

Personal Information

On our website, you will need to provide personal data and any transaction data such as credit card. This information is necessary to make a purchase or to receive newsletters. By shopping with us or by subscribing to the newsletter you agree that we may process your personal data. However, we will not use the personal information for marketing, sales to third parties or something like that without your consent. Your information is only used to complete a transaction such as:
• To verify that the buyer is who it claims to be;
• To help you with errands after your purchase;
• To offer you new services and products if you so desire;
• Newsletter;

Visitor consent

The visitors who want to avoid the use of cookies can via settings in the browser security options change the privacy settings so that the browser does not accept cookies at all , or so the visitor will be asked every time a website tries to put a cookie on your computer. Visitors are also able to accept only session cookies via their browser. Visitors can also choose to remove previously stored cookies. Visitors who choose not to accept cookies will unfortunately not be able to use the vital functions of MonkeySports EU Web site, such as login and purchase of products.


What cookies are and how they work?
Cookies are small text files. The text files contain data stored on the visitor's computer. Now and then the requesting site demand data from the cookies the visitor has stored on his/her computer. Sites use cookies to storage settings for how the site will be displayed to the visitor. Another common use of cookies is part of gathering information about visitor behavior.

MonkeySports EU use of cookies

MonkeySports EU uses cookies to allow visitors access to various functions of the website and to monitor website visitor traffic in order to use the data collected to improve the site.

MonkeySports EU uses two types of cookies. One type is a permanent cookie that saves a file for a longer time on the visitor's computer. Its applications include for functions that tell you what is new since you last visited the site. The second type of cookie is called a session cookie, and these have an effect only during the visit of the site, for example to keep track of whether the visitor is logged in. MonkeySports EU also uses so-called third-party cookies including analyzing traffic patterns using a third party.

Damages and product damage

Under no circumstances shall MonkeySports EU be liable to compensate damage caused by / during or because of the use.

MonkeySports EU is not liable for defects caused by:
* deficiencies in the storage or handling of goods by the customer
* normal deterioration of the goods
* external damage from when the customer received the goods
* changes in the product made by the Customer

MonkeySports EU is responsible for product damage under the Product Liability Act and according to the above.
In the event that MonkeySports EU applies to product liability towards third parties, the customer is obliged to keep MonkeySports EU indemnified if the injury occurred as a result of the Customer's misleading information.


Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these terms and related legal matters shall be settled by the courts.

More about the laws, rules and conditions for you as a consumer can be found on the Consumer Agency's website.
Here you will find important information about ”before your purchase " and “after your purchase”.
Are you unhappy with us or an article , you can make a " notification " on the website of Konsumentverket.

In many municipalities they have a consumer agent that may be helpful to talk with regarding current consumer guidance.
Consumer advice can help you with:
* Questions about your rights and responsibilities
* Hints and Tips for important purchases
* Questions about the economy and budget
* To complain about an ad, a product or work done, when you cannot agree with the seller.

Do you, however feel that you have been treated unfairly and are not at all satisfied with the terms that have been presented here, or the quality of the product, contact ARN (Complaints) here
ARN takes up and consider such cases where the consumer and the seller cannot resolve it themselves.
Goods or service must be worth more than 700 SEK. To resolve a dispute with ARN is free of charge.

MonkeySports EU always strives to have happy customers and with the highest priority abide under the laws and regulations that exist.

Force Majeure

The following circumstances shall constitute grounds for relief if they impede its performance, and a party shall not be obliged to take measures to avoid or overcome the consequences of this :
War, insurrection or riots, mobilization or unforeseen military call of comparable scope, requisition, confiscation, currency restrictions, export or import restrictions, general shortage , shortage of transport , labor conflict , including conflict in the workplace , restrictions as to the driving force , fire , failure of or delays in deliveries by sub-contractors or supplier of raw materials , caused by any of your stated grounds for relief or loss of materials during transport to any of the Company's facilities as well as any other circumstances over which the party 's control ; all provided that a party could not prevail over such a circumstance , and that the circumstances of the impact on performance of the contract could not be foreseen at inception.